I literally love these men.  I've only known them for a few short hours, and in that time I fell in love not only with them but there insanely great families and all the people that surrounded them to support and love and hold, as they told each other that they did, and will forever.  

My heart raced, I cried way too many times, my mascara ran ferociously down my face, I think I inherited 14 new smile lines from grinning so much.

I want to thank you AUSTRALIA for sending these fine men my way, you snooze you loose, perhaps its time to re-asses the meaning of the word love because your missing out on seeing great humans tell each other just how much they care and adore one another, and as we all know, love is what makes the world go round.


xxx  Thank you Fabian and Anthony, you will forever be in my heart.


P.S the rainbow featured at the beginning followed me (or perhaps I followed it??)  all the way to Queenstown.  A sign perhaps xx