Sometimes you get to be part of magic. Sometimes you get to meet the coolest of cool people, the type of people you want to get to know, who make you laugh, who share your secret obsession with cheesy pop stars, good lovely, kind, FUN, clever people!

This was these people.  Their friends, families, all beyond amazing and fabulous!!!

Kate and James, may you be blessed with beautiful moments daily.  Thank you for letting me be part of your SUPER DOOPER amazing day!!!!!



Its been a year of grandeur for this kid.  Travel, houses, new friends, AMAZING weddings.  I've been to Mexico, Malaysia, the Pacific and Bali, I counted my lucky stars more than once and I embraced the opportunity with an open heart and gratefulness.  2013 please be kind, 2012 was a good year and from my family to yours lets keep it rolling!! xxxx

Mark and Nicky, it was great, not just sort of great, ok great or oh yeah great.....IT was good people, good times, BEST ever great!  Mark may I forever be in awe of your dance moves!!!

Thank you