My new blog

Well I kinda decided I didn't like the look of the old blog....I'm that girl who puts a coat of nail polish on her toes....then another....and another....and another until its one big sticky mess and I have to wipe it off and start again...very annoying!!!  SO when it comes to making my blog look pretty I am obsessed and can't get it right.  Now this one is a work in progress and right now needs a lot of work so please excuse the unfinished areas....if Quinn would sleep for a little bit (actually thats what I should be doing) I could finish it.... bless her little heart. I am also starting a new thing to get my creative juices flowing  I shall be posting a photo a day for the month of FEBRUARY....good luck to me!!!!  So here is picture number UNO.  My willing subject baking cupcakes mmmmmmmm