My girls 'ROCK'

So life as a mother of 3 is definitely a lot more hectic than imagined especially with a newborn.   Feeding time for Quinn usually lands smack dab in the middle of dinner time, bathtime and bedtime for the other 2.....due to this the girls think its christmas and can play play play till their hearts content.... and more often than not Spaghetti on toast is the main dish of the day....this will change I promise!!!!   School is back in 2 weeks so Ava is going to miss her big sis terribly and will have to put up with boring old MUMMY....still the trouble we will cause (just the 2 of us....oh correction... the 3 of us).  We shall have to teach Quinn the art of mudpies and bubble time!! Anyway due to new bub not a lot of sessions to report so my darling angels are now my renewed subjects....sorry girls!!!

A coupla sneaky shots