I need a genie

You know when your super dooper tired and you've had a long day.....you wish your bed would just sneak up behind, give you a gentle shove and magically you would be placed there with two cool feather filled pillows, a cosy warm feather duvet (its all about the feathers....poor ducks) and a gentle breeze brushing across your face...ooh ohh and someone to rub your feet...someone who doesn't want you to do the same immediately after... so lets make it a genie, cause they disappear straight back into their little bottle thinggee thats sitting right by the magic bed, with the magic pillows and duvet!!!  Well after a fabulous long day with some fabulous people thats how I feel...... Today Nicola and John said I DO in front of all their friends and family and what a magical day it was.... the bridal party (bless their souls) made me love what I do, I especially would like to thank John for showing us what he's made of.... LITERALLY, need I say more!!!    Nicola was stunning and had gone to such an effort to make everything look spectacular....and her GORGEOUS bridesmaids who as mums made me feel ok when I dashed to the car to feed the midget we call QUinn.

BIg kisses to all and best of luck to Nicola and John who are a fun amazing great couple!!!

Soooo a couple of shots before you head away to the land of sun....oh don't forget to pack me!!  xxxxx