Everything fades away

Ummmmmmm...please pause..... we have sun...yes....do you read me.... I say we have sun!!!  Whoooooop whoooop.... oh bugger where's it gone.  That pretty much sums up our summer.... stinking hot one day, jumpers and ugg boots the next!!!   Today however we had a glorious one, the sun was beaming, the company was good and the Sav was poured, thank you Rach  and of course Mr Kelly who were splendid hosts and once again lent our their deck for some giggles and barbequed sausages, a favorite of mine!!

Only in this amazing, beautiful fantastic country... I'm thinking I should do some promotion for the NZ tourism board.... do you get to go swimming (in the freezing cold ocean) and have a couple of Hector dolphins to hang out with and catch a few waves!!  Well sadly myself and the girls were late....NEVER...... however the others got to hang with the slippery mammals...blow and bother.  What a magical thing to do in your back yard!!

SO due to being LATE I quickly snapped a few of Ella before we headed back to the infamous deck for saussies