Time time time time time time

Is it just me or does the day just seem to end WAY too quickly?  I guess I procrastinate during my 'cup of tea' time.  Its my dreaming hour, this is the time that I think about what I want to accomplish and how I shall begin.  Often or not I get slightly distracted from my daily plan and drift unaware to the laundry pile... very quickly however I jump out of the oblivion and realize that laundry was NOT on my list of things to dream about and that I have much bigger fish to fry.  Conquering  Mt Tide (laundry) is not so much a priority mid wedding season but I do have to be realistic and realize that my fairy god mother is not going to appear and magically fold school uniforms... its my other job and it does need to be attended too.... so sometimes I wish I had a million hours in the day and I could render all my 'to do list' toot suite! However a quick look at whats to come xx