Old habits die hard

Normally I post at night.... in the wee small hours, when the house is silent and still.  Today however I shall be breaking that tradition.  I am trying to move my clock into semi normal hours. No small feat when I have spent the good part of 5 years... actually times that by 3..... stalking and burning the midnight oil. There is something comforting about night time, I look forward to putting my headphones in and engrossing myself in processing.  Sometimes I leave my 'night time antics' till the morning to re-asses the work that was done, often or not its deleted because it just looks plain silly.  There really is a fine line of what I love and what others may hate.  I think I have grown as a photographer however I know I have a LOT more growing to do.

This is what I am up to the elbows in right now.  This is me tripping around the country spending the day with fun souls!