Lucky Lucky me

Yessss me me me me me.  6 months ago an email arrived at my door (computer door) asking if I would be interested in attending a workshop based on the gorgeous Gold Coast of Australia.   The organizer of this ooober awesome 3 day venture was the incredible Ainslie from Wildspirit Photography.  Of course I decided right there and then that yes, HELLO, of course I'm going.  Now keep in mind I had NO IDEA who would be there, what it would be like, where will I stay... who's gonna feed Quinn??????  Little did I know that she had begged borrowed and convinced 3 of the most AMAZING photographers/people to make the journey to join us in the sunny land of Australia.  I am so so grateful to Ainslie for organizing such an awesome 3 days of good food, photography, nutella, more photography, conversation, nutella and brilliant company.  Thank you my pretty.  My deposit is waiting and ready for next year!!! PLUS a HUGE thank you thank you thank you to the super talented Nicole Van, Zach Arias and Joey the hip hop master Lawrence for sharing their brilliance and dedication to a silly blonde from NZ, I hope our paths cross again.... "oh no its that annoying Fiona girl... quick hide" 

I never got a group shot, so here's a little Joey L action!!!