Wild and windy day

Where do I begin, perhaps I will start with an adjective and a couple of nouns, wild, windy, perfection, beauty.  4 words that pretty much sum up an incredible, amazing day.  As I awoke on the 28th of August 2009, I peeped out my bedroom window to check the day... blue sky... birds chirping... generally a perfect day to get married.  Slumbering into the kitchen after my daily bath I peek again... just to make sure.  Hmmm a little windy but shouldn't be a problem.  I then plug the fan heater which is standing in for the hair dryer I mean to buy into the wall, hmmm the wind is getting rather breezy.  Forward a few hours and a vow or two here and there, I am standing in the middle of the road desperately pleading that the winds of wrath would just die down for 30 seconds so I can get the shot.  140km or thereabouts to be exact and whilst being blown from one end of South Canterbury to the other two amazing people are standing in front of my lens totally and utterly in love wearing smiles that gleam.  She doesn't care that her veil has blown away or that her hair has been wind swept, all they see is each other and the amazing people around them celebrating their perfect windy day.   Mr and Mrs Innes, I can't express enough how amazing I think you both are.  I truly, truly wish you all the best for lifetime together, thank you for being such wonderful people.

I couldn't decide which shots I should sneak on for your 'sneak peak' so I put a few up...... enjoy

Kudos to the wonderful venue Terrace Downs and even more kudos to Kylie Raymer from Sensing Style and Jacqui Spice from A Touch of Spice wedding planners  for the design and concept and Kirsty Miller for setting it all up and making it look gorgeous.    If you haven't already been to their sites I highly recommend doing so,  it makes such a difference to a wedding when all the fine details are composed together and having someone like Jacqui and Kylie bringing it together is just magic.






How blue is the interior of that car!!!!!





Whats a wedding without a little sing star.... Not sure who won???