We do it every day

Looking back through some old files.... yeah like I have time to edit those.  I found  a few goodies that I put on hold for a rainy day.   My rainy days are very far and few between, so even though its midnight and I only managed to get half of what I need to get done.... HELLO 2am.... I am still going to post a shot which screams deep breath, deep breath.  Today was frantic and in between chatting on the phone with some wonderful people, feeding the indians (AKA THE KIDS) kissing the indians, bathing the indians, spending time shooting one of the cutest newborns... (photos to come later) and feeding the very very annoying lamb... sorry Rose... I found myself staring at the following shot, almost able to smell the sea air.. and then I realized I need to take a deep breath and just breath... the dishes will wait (well I secretly hope my husband does them but that could be pushing it!!) teresea-1