A photo a day.... what a splendid idea

I begin the year with many a new year resolution, like most, keep fit (oh I mean get fit), be nicer to people, getting out of pj's before midday ,brush my teeth more often, floss, ra de ra de ra. There are a few personal resolutions that I keep quietly to myself, the ones I know will mean nothing to anyone else, however to me accomplishing those resolutions will make me a better person/wife/friend/mother.   Last year I challenged myself to take a picture each day over the period of a month.  Much to the horror of my family AKA my models, I am going to strive to do it again over the month of January.  I will post the 'photo of the day' each day here as well as client sessions etc, so I anticipate my blog to be full of lots of pics.

I hope everyone will enjoy my daily creative exercises as much as I will enjoy deciding on what to snap!!!  Bring on the ideas!!!!

Also if any brides to be are reading this post and wondering where my wedding gallery has gone..... stay tuned a few changes will be appearing over the next month or so, so be sure to check back.

SOOOOO here is the beautiful Marnie who just happens to be my first photo of the challenge