Day of the lazy people.

Today was one of those days where everything started late, you know the day when your behind in everything!!!  Chasing your tail, close to having a nervous breakdown when your late meeting a good friend for coffee.  I awoke at an embarrassingly late time (along with the rest of the family) I guess we needed the sleep.  Pulling back the curtains I see the day is grey.... what the..... its SUMMER for goodness sake... this shouldn't happen??????  Jeeeeze Louiseee is that the time???   Rather than frying my already fried brain with a day of chaos, I decided that today would be an official holiday in my household.  We were allowed to be what we wanted (princesses included), do what we wanted (NOTHING) and if we were hungry we would just eat  (ice creams included)... I have officially named today, "Day of the lazy people"  Totally appropriate!!!  One rule of our day is our attire, RULE NUMBER ONE, no one is allowed to remove their Pajamas... no.... And because it rained on our summer parade, I decided to sit outside and look in!!!



Added this one in!!!