Booo yaaaa

My new word!!!  I don't actually like saying it out loud, but I love the way it sounds in my head... is that weird??  I guess I am a little like that at times.  I have been known to write peculiar emails written in the context of what I am thinking.  I have had a few disasters from doing this.  I will occasionally go back and read these (straight from my mind) emails and cringe with pain.   Hey, but I tell it like it is... I have also been know to use these 'Fe'isms in general conversation.  I can probably blame it on my nervous brain not separating from its "shut up fiona, shut up fiona" brain (that shut up Fiona brain is yelling at me right now) So if you also suffer from verbal blunders on a regular basis, raise your hand, (maybe not high, like pump the air hand raising) However be proud to make a fool of yourself.  I am.... kinda.... just means I'm normal.... I hope?.... Anyone wanna back me up?....Please.

And because its day 17, not one but 5 shots of an angel straight from a baby gap commercial.  Lordy lordy the eyes... oh my my!!!  I truly  believe that beauty emulates from the inside, Tara your spirit is beautiful and your darling wee guy posses the same beauty.  I wish you best of luck for the future.  Enjoy your sneak peek!






This shot makes my heart melt.  Just a moment but a heart melting moment!