Wednesday night club.

My inner beast, thats what I like to call it.  The part of me that fights, like dukes up "wanna piece of me?" fight.   Tonight I showed them all who was boss.  Them would be 2 of my nearest and dearest.   People that not only laugh at my bad jokes, but also my in ability to play backyard volley ball... hey who cares if I'm all fingers and toes???  I frigin ROCK at uniforms!!!  Once a month we all get together for no reason but to sit and giggle.  Tonight there was a challenge, boys against girls.  The girls lost, but only just.... There is nothing better than belly laughing with friends, doesn't matter if our house is a mess, the carpet is circa 1973 (no bull) the formica table is cracked at the sides and our kitchen chairs are bright orange.... (were waiting till it comes back in style)  We have friends that don't see what we don't have and I think thats cool. So I may not be able to walk tomorrow and my knees have grass stains however next month I WILL be the backyard volley ball champion without a doubt!!!!

Here again is my willing model.

Day 20, WOW already!!!!