FAQ Part 1

So I have quite a strict routine in the morning.  I get out of bed (vitally important) I am usually the first one awake... my children like their sleep...  I turn the kettle on... yes I call it a kettle....  I slumber down to what was the playroom and is now my office/guest bedroom/playroom/junk room!!!   Sit on my very comfortable computer chair and check my emails.  Occasionally I get fabulous emails from fabulous people wanting some information about my techniques, camera, lenses etc.  It makes me feel very loved!!!  Just of late I have been getting lots of these emails and as mentioned I feel very humbled and unworthy.  I DO NOT claim to be the best, heck I'm probably not even that good, so having people wanting to know how I create some of the things I create makes me feel very proud (however very humble... did I say that already??) The first thing I will tell people is, its not me..... its the people in front of the camera.  I can push the button, find the light, have the right gear, however its the faces that stand in front of my lens that creates a picture!!!

With that being said I do think to get the clarity and sharpness from my images my 'gear' helps significantly.

So what do I use???

My bag

50 1.2          -     a lens that I love and until recently had it on my camera 24/7.

85 1.2          -     my new best friend.  This lens is at war with my 50mm they have been fighting for my attention and to be honest couldn't tell you who the winner is!!

24 - 70 2.8  -    I love this lens.  Its my story telling lens that I will use to document a moment, bride getting makeup on, group shots etc.

50 1.8           -    This was my first prime, I remember the feeling I had when I first took a shot... It had me at click!!!  Sadly I don't use this anymore as its been replaced by its big brother however will always have a special place in my soul.

85 1.8           -    Another loved lens that has hung its hat up.... sniff

5D                 -     I love you Canon

30D              -     Back up baby, back up!!!!

So that is it, my gear.  I also have a couple of pocket wizards and a 580EX flash for those hard to see moments.  I will definitely be posting more info on my techniques.  If you have any questions please let me know and I will do my absolute best to answer... but don't hate me if I get it wrong... I'm really very sweet!!!

And because I like to post photos, here is a couple from an upcoming session.  Katy you are as beautiful inside as you are outside... Thank you, thank you, thank you.