The art of laughter

So today I got to spend my awake hours with some of the people that I cherish and love the most.  We talked, we giggled,  not the "oh har har" kind of giggle but the side splitting, tears rolling giggle!!!  We reminisced over our youth, the boyfriends, the nights we want to forget, the days we want to remember.  We talked and talked then talked some more.  We were interrupted with some home made pizza, thank you Judders oh and might I add some pretty tasty grape juice.... need I say more. Judders, KP, Holster.  I love you guys and I vow that one day you will all be the proud owners of some pretty hot necklaces!!!  Thank you for today I look forward to hanging out in Firenze at our 40ths whilst waiting for our train to Florence.

KP your children are beautiful and all I can say is look out the Waiararapa, Miss G  is going to break some hearts.










And we can't forget the cutest thing since Quinn was born.... Miss Izzzz