Princes and Frogs

More than a year ago.  I quietly waltzed into the 'new' store in town.  I was pregnant and in the mood to spend.  I ohhhed  and ahhhhed at the teeny tiny shoes, I had to have the bassinet in the window, (even though I was pregnant with #3 and REALLY did not need another sleeping apparatus)  The gorgeous little onsies beckoned to, buy, buy.  It smelt new, it was new and I was in LOVE !!!  Dagmar kindly agreed to putting some sample shots up to showcase.  I kindly made her hire me so I could hang out and bask in the glory of baby stuff!!!  Forward a few months (maybe a year) and 6 shifts later (due to my belly it was a short stay), we are standing in an orchard in the middle of nowhere, clouds looming overhead, spitting out the occasional drop, threatening our session.  Dagmar is taking it in her stride, looking luminous and very pregnant.  39 weeks and not a waddle in site.   Thank you for being a beautiful model, thank you for being a wonderful person.  I wish you all the love for your new bundle!!!  

If you ever need beautiful things, Dagmar has the bestest ever store THE FROG PRINCE and hey if you can't make it to Oamavegas (thats Oamaru) then visit her online store!!!!